A Suitable Horse

This is offered to help you assess your horse or to help you search for a new hunter. Few hunt horses meet all of these criteria completely without years of Hunt Field experience.patrick-and-co

  • Will not kick other horses or hounds
  • Can be easily rated and kept at a safe distance from the horse ahead of it
  • Will stand quietly in a group of horses
  • Has athletic ability combined with a willingness to listen to its rider
  • Is obedient in company
  • Is comfortable in the woods and in open fields
  • Will go off on its own without stress
  • Is generally more comfortable as a follower than a leader
  • Is clever-footed to deal with uneven terrain
  • Is solidly made to gallop and jump over stony or muddy terrain
  • May be any size or breed, ponies to 17-hand horses of all breeds make successful field hunters