About Us

Myopia operates a “drag” hunt, meaning our hounds are trained to hunt the scent laid down by a “drag.” A drag is an artificial lure that is typically soaked in a liquid and dragged along the ground in a fashion similar to the scent that would be left behind by a fox, coyote or other quarry. We call this process “laying the line.” A talented and skilled drag Huntsman will work diligently to lay a line so that his or her pack of hounds are challenged to find the line where it lays. Behind these working hounds you will find a “field” of horses and riders who chase the hounds who chase the line.

Myopia hunts at the courtesy of our Landowners, who invite the Hunt to use their fields and trails, and often allow us to place fences for the horses to jump. We also work closely with our local land conservation organizations, and proceeds from our annual events help support their efforts.

Our Hunting Season

  • Spring Roading – Late April through May
  • Summer Hound Exercise – June through August
  • Cubbing – September
  • Formal Season – October through November

For details about current hunting schedule (called Fixtures), please refer to the Hunt Calendar page

ROADING introduces hounds, riders, and horses to the Hunt at a quieter pace. A scent is not laid for the hounds during Roading. Summer Hound Exercise focuses on continued training of the hounds. Both Roading and Summer Hound Exercise offer a good opportunity for building fitness of horse and rider, and for the introduction and training of inexperienced horses and riders.

During CUBBING and FORMAL SEASON, a scent is laid. Ratcatcher Attire is worn during Roading and Cubbing. Hounds, riders, and horses are still improving their fitness for the Formal Hunting Season, when the hunts are longer and faster. Formal Attire is worn during the Formal Season.

Spring and Fall Roading typically begins at the Myopia Kennels. A Fixture Card is prepared each month of our active season, which runs April – Thanksgiving. We begin at many different locations throughout the season, and you can find the exact location and times we ride here on our website. If you become a Subscribing Member, you will also receive printed Fixture Cards in the mail.

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We encourage you to participate in this wonderful sport, and to honor and perpetuate the Myopia Hunt traditions which have existed since 1882.

Any member of the Hunt Committee will be happy to assist you and to answer any questions you may have about dress, your horse, protocol in the Hunt Field, or any other topic.  We are happy to have you with us and look forward to having you join us often!

The Myopia Hunt Committee