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We greatly appreciate the support of our Patron Subscribers. Your participation as members of the hunting family is critical to our success and adds a great deal to both the spirit of the hunt and the physical improvement of our facilities and country. Patrons receive Fixture Cards and invitations to all Hunt Events, including Stirrup Cups and Hunt Teas throughout the season. Highlights of our season include:


  • Opening Meet and Master’s Tea, by Invitation


  • Myopia Hunter Trials
  • Landowners’ Picnic and Blessing of the Hounds, by Invitation
  • Myopia Joint Meet and Hunt Ball


  • Myopia Fall Hunter Pace
  • Thanksgiving Day Hunt and Hunt Tea
  • New England Hounds Races

The work of the hunt comes at a cost. The Myopia Hunt tradition dates back over 100 years. Your support will allow us to continue this tradition into the future. In recent years, our Patron Subscribers have contributed between $250 and $1,000 to demonstrate their appreciation for our efforts. Many thanks for your consideration.