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Welcome to the 136th season with the Myopia Hunt!  We are very pleased to have Huntsman Phillip Headon with us this year, working the Myopia hounds and working closely with area landowners to preserve the country and scout out new hunting territory.

Please print and mail this form.
Mail printed forms and checks to Myopia Hunt, PO Box 265, Hamilton, MA 01936.

Our 2018 subscription rate remains at $1,900 for adults.  The subscription fee covers the entire season – from April to November – and includes Spring Roading, Fall Cubbing and our Formal Season.  If you have not subscribed by the first day of Spring Roading, Saturday, April 28th, capping fees will apply:

  • Spring capping fees: $50 on weekdays and $75 on weekends;
  • Fall capping fees: $75 weekdays, $100 on weekends and $150 on holidays

Each rider may cap up to five (5) times for the year (April – November), with a maximum of three (3) times during the Fall season (September – November).

Any capping fees already paid in the Spring will be applied to the cost of your subscription when you do subscribe. 

Hound Exercises (July and August) will remain free.  We recommend you subscribe in April so that you are set for the year!

Every subscriber this year will receive the booklet: “Riding to Hounds in America: An Introduction to Fox Hunting” by William P. Wadsworth.  It’s a helpful reminder for new fox hunters and veterans alike.

We are asking each subscriber to fill out a “Hunt Subscriber Emergency Contact Information” sheet (enclosed) that we will keep on hand in the hunt truck.  With this important information on hand, in the unfortunate event of an accident we will know who to contact.

Please note that a Myopia rider liability release and a landowner release must be signed prior to participating in any of the Myopia Hunt activitiesIf you have signed them in the past, there is no need to sign them again. Click here for release forms.

The Myopia Hunt continues to enjoy a close relationship with the MFHA and our local land conservation organizations.  As in the past, we ask that every subscriber show their support by becoming a member of the MFHA, Essex County Trail Association, and the Trustees of Reservations at Appleton Farms.  This year we are adding the Essex County Greenbelt to the list because we hunt through Greenbelt land as well.

We are very excited about the upcoming season and look forward to having you with us.