Junior Program

The Myopia Hunt is committed to encouraging Junior Riders to join the hunt field and experience the beautiful countryside we live in. A Junior Rider is someone who is under 19 years of age during the current calendar year.  The young riders of today are our future guardians of open spaces; instilling the love of cross country riding has never been more important.

We have hunts dedicated exclusively to the Junior field and hope that everyone who is able will join the hounds and the huntsman.  For Junior days, subscription to the hunt is not required and there is no capping charge. The pace will be slower and consideration will be given to our younger riders. Green and difficult horses are asked to stay home and enjoy their pastures on these dates! Junior capping fees:

  • Tuesday and Thursdays: $30.00
  • Saturdays: $50.00
  • Holidays: $60.00

Please understand that correct attire is appreciated and encouraged.  Juniors should wear either formal show or hunt attire during the formal hunt season (black or navy blue coat, white hunt shirt and stock tie, and black hunt boots or black half-chaps and black paddock boots) or ratcatcher attire (tweed coat, ratcatcher shirt and collar, jodhpurs and paddock boots.)  However many juniors do not own all of the articles listed and a neat and safe turn-out with heeled boots and a safety helmet is all that is REQUIRED.

All Juniors must be escorted by an adult rider until their 19th birthday unless given express permission by a Master.

For more information about the Junior Program, contact Amy Camerlin:
Cell: 781-439-0747
Email: avcamerlin@gmail.com