Who’s Who in a Hunt

The Master of Foxhounds:

  • Is responsible for and governs all aspects of the Hunt
  • Develops and maintains relationships with our Landowners
  • Develops and maintains the Hunt Country
  • Promotes good sport for the members of the Field
  • Awards ‘Colors’ to Subscribers for service and commitment to the Hunt
  • Determines the route the Hunt will follow and instructs the Huntsman
  • Designates Field Masters and Whippers-in

The Huntsman:

  • Selects and breeds foxhounds to establish an effective drag pack (hounds follow a scent rather than live fox)
  • Maintains the Kennel and provides total care for the hounds
  • Trains the hounds to respect his commands
  • Trains the hounds to stay gathered around him, to follow the chosen scent and to ignore other scents, to hunt and to return to the Huntsman upon command
  • Lays the scent for the hounds. Myopia uses an artificial scent called Anisette
  • Lays a line of scent in open fields and woods, but never a straight line and never on trails, to teach the hounds to hunt for the scent
  • Casts the hounds upon the scent and gathers them at the end of a line
  • Uses the horn to encourage and call the hounds and to inform and direct the Field


  • Generally ride near the Hounds, but go anywhere they are needed to aid the Huntsman
  • Assist the Huntsman, under his direction, to slow or turn the hounds, or to direct the hounds back to the scent or Huntsman
  • Use the loud crack of a whip to control or discipline the hounds

The Jumping Field Master:

  • Follows the Huntsman and leads the members of the field who wish to jump
  • Assures that the Field does not interfere with the hounds or Huntsman
  • Generally stays directly behind the Huntsman
  • May, on occasion, need to take the Field on a slightly different route than the hounds to protect the land or members of the Field
  • Knows the territory well, and the planned route for the day
  • Leads the Field over the Hunt fences and knows that the jumps and footing are safe

The Hilltopping Field Master:

  • Leads the members of the Field who prefer a slower pace and not to jump
  • May follow the Jumping Field
  • Often chooses a different route to provide a slower pace, and to position the Hilltopping Field to view the hounds at work

The Landowners:

  • Are the MOST important people in the Hunt, they make it possible with their generosity
  • Allow the Hunt to be guests on their property
  • Often construct and maintain jumps for the Hunt
  • Should be greeted and thanked by every member of our Hunt community