Hunt Professionals

Some riders need – or simply prefer – a professional escort. If you are new to foxhunting, it’s always best to ride out with an experienced member of the field before going out on your own.

mkeoughMyopia has the benefit of several professional instructors and hunt escorts who will gladly help you with your riding, both in and out of the hunt field.  They may also be able to lease you a horse to use for the day or for the season.


Amy Tissera, Countryside Rides & Lessons for Children & Adults
(857) 205-9259

Michael Keough (Castleneck Farm)
(978) 621-5688

Myopia Hunt Club Stables
(978) 468-2553

David Kenney
(508) 648-7570

Samantha Stevens

Alex Tissera
978) 500-1582