Hunter Paces

About Hunter Paces

A Hunter Pace is a fun event that is suitable for all levels of riders, from all disciplines.  The purpose of a Hunter Pace is to simulate, as closely as possible, the duration or speed (hence the word “pace”) of a fox hunt, over a fox hunting route – either jumping or non-jumping.  But you don’t have to be a fox hunter to enjoy a “Pace”!  It is probably the most inclusive of all our Hunt events – enjoyed by cross country riders, casual trail riders, show jumpers…and fox hunters!

Prior to the Hunter Pace the route is set and clearly marked through some of our most beautiful hunt country.  Then Myopia sends a pair of experienced fox hunters along the Pace route to ride it at the speed that a fox hunt would typically go, including some cantering, some galloping, as well as trotting, walking, and a “check” (or resting period).  These riders set the Pace – the ideal time that all other riding teams will try to match.  The Hunter Pace time winner is the team that comes in as close to that pre-set Pace.

Teams average four riders, but larger and smaller groups are welcome.  There are divisions offered for all levels of riders: jumping over 3-foot jumps, 20″ jumps, non-jumping, and junior divisions.

The riding teams are scheduled in staggered times to avoid congestion on the Pace route.  However, it does happen sometimes. When it does, those riders who are passing slower teams should always approach courteously and ask permission to pass. If granted permission, pass slowly and cautiously. Because there are many different levels of riders on the route, it’s always best to use an abundance of caution.

When the last team has a completed their route, the scores are compiled and ribbons are awarded!  In the spring the ribbons are mailed out and in the fall everyone is invited to the awards dinner at the Myopia Hunt Club where the ribbons are awarded, volunteers are recognized and applauded since they’re AWESOME!

Family members and friends, please volunteer. Our Hunter Pace exists because of its wonderful volunteers. Enjoy the spirit and camaraderie by volunteering for a morning or afternoon shift.